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    I have seen other people report issues with the latest Asus routers but normally with old SB Radio, Boom etc

    Can you whether the WiFI Pi's don't actually connect to the SSID or do they connect but cannot see the LMS server?

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    thanks for brainstorming with me guys!

    from the diagnostics and logs i was only able to see what i also saw during boot in the console: `udhcpc` is trying to get a lease from the router, but fails. then forks to the background. the PI then starts without network connection.

    and no, it isn't a picore-to-LMS issue. rather picore to network. this is pretty obvious when looking at the boot output and I also checked the router which could not list the PI.

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    "asus RT-AX88U router" ...

    The AX part implies WiFi6 ...
    try temporarily disabling all WiFi6 capability - at least on 2.4GHz if possible.

    See other messages in here about WiFi6 and problems with old SB boxes - perhaps your old dongle is having a similar issue.
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    Asus have what they call a SmartConnect feature.
    It looks as if this breaks compatibility with many devices. For me disabling it solved the problem.

    However it is not clear to me what I loose in functionality/network speed by disabling it. Checking the connection of my phone or my macbook, they seem to be using the 5G band (automagically) and only non-5G capable devices seem to be on the 2.4 GHz band. According to the settings I can still enable wifi6 for the 5GHz band... so what have I lost by disabling this feature?
    Will still have to dig in to that topic a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiftux View Post
    Asus have what they call a SmartConnect feature.
    Aha, the old out-of-spec-feature-that-breaks-compatibility trick

    Glad you got it sorted.

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