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    QLMS, EDO, SBT: Loses DAC

    I run QNAP LMS (QLogitech Media Server via QNAP club store), an SBT, EDO, and an iFI xDSD. This ran great for a long time. However now the SBT does not see the DAC. In addition I do not see the option under Output to select the iFi, only Analog & Digital or Digital only.

    Note that I rebooted and re-installed EDO and Kernel many times.

    I factory reset, reloaded EDO and no luck.
    I switched to a Topping NX4 and no luck (Note: I used to get the option under Outputs to select the Topping)
    I tried an iFi Nano DSD and after rebooting, re-downloading the Kernel, I see the option for the iFi driver...but it only plays for 5 seconds and cuts out. This happened twice.
    I switch to Analog out of the SBT, bypass the DAC, and no problem. Plays fine.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks. chris
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