Hi everybody!
I was following this forum until i did A BIG MISTAKE, SADLY, so i decided to write this thread.
Touch (at least mine) must be powered with 5V, but i was doing a lot of thing and i used a 12V PSU....:-(
So some smell of burned components went out from my (lovely) Touch.
I'm not a noob in electronics, i have a laboratory and many tools (microscope, oscilloscope and so on).
But... Sadly the service manual or anything about electronics is impossible to find.
So i opened it and i found a component that is burnt.
It is marked 0B2X, i think it is a VDO, but many models with different voltage have this SMD code.
So i would need some voltage measurements into these pads:
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Here i removed the component 0B2X. I need voltages in the power management chip 2041B DIL also.
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Here there are other VDO (i think), i would need their voltage on every pin. The marked resistor becomes very hot, but i don't think it is broken.
Of course every voltage must be taken when powered ON.

I know that it is quite annoying opening your Touch, but it could be a very precious help for me.
No music now...:-(

Any other help would be very appreciated!