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    Understanding custom-convert.conf

    I'm trying to set up a custom-convert.conf rule to transcode all ALAC to FLAC for one specific player. This is related to my recent post in the DAC32 thread.

    I'm running the Dockerized official LMS, Logitech Media Server Version: 8.1.2 - 1619728303 @ Fri Apr 30 00:34:35 CEST 2021

    Here's my custom-convert.conf, which I pretty much lifted entirely from the alac->flac config in convert.conf:

    alc flc * 7c:9e:bd:28:dd:c4
            # FT:{START=-j %s}U:{END=-e %u}D:{RESAMPLE=-r %d}
            [faad] -q -w -f 1 $START$ $END$ $FILE$ | [sox] -q -t wav - -t flac -C 0 $RESAMPLE$ -
    which is included in LMS via this docker argument:

    -v config/custom-convert.conf:/lms/custom-convert.conf:rw
    convert.conf is factory stock.

    With the above custom-convert.conf in place, LMS doesn't seem to match on it and files don't seem to be transcoded. I can see in the File Types settings that an additional FLAC method is added to the Apple Lossless section, so I know that LMS is seeing the configuration.

    If I DISABLE the "native" method for Apple Lossless in File Types, files do get transcoded.

    I understand that more specific rules take precedence over less specific rules.

    Does custom-convert.conf take precedence over convert.conf?

    Attached are logs from player.source.
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