Hi all,

If like me you are fans of great audio quality music (Preferably FLAC/OGG > 320K and worst being 192K AAC or 320K MP3), do not hesitate to share your best sites here (without too much advertising, please...)
Classic/Jazz/Alternative/Indie/Acoustic/Latin/World/Lounge/Pop... musics are welcome!

Add yours to the following list:

http://rondo.iradio.fi:8000/klasupro.flac. (KlasuPro Classical)
http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8360/flac.flac (Naim Radio)
http://mscp2.live-streams.nl:8100/flac.flac (Hi On Line)
http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flac (Radio Paradise Mellow Mix)
http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8250/class-flac.flac (Naim Classical)

Not a so easy exercise...

Thanks !