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It worked.

Thank you very much Jaca.

By the way, the version 8.1.1 is impressive....I had 7.7.x in my Synology. The Logitech work ( Michael Herger) is superb. It is very well integrated with the streaming services. I am using my Spotify account.

A last question. I am a newbie in Docker. Do you know, it the package updates are automatic.?

Glad it works for you. If you were on lms7.7 it's like brand new product

Check out material skin if you haven't.. You will not be coming back..
Music artist information plugin is another one.. You want..

OK in terms of updating docker LMS.. It will not update automatically unless you install something like docker watchtower.. But manual update process is very simple and takes a minute or two..

Open two tabs with dsm docker in each on your browser.
Stop current/old version => edit settings =>disable auto start and change ports to auto (in you in bridge mode)=>apply then open edit again for reference
On 2nd tab download new lms image =>use identical settings as you had on old one (with correct ports) (make sure you point your /config to same folder as before) => start new one and you are updated