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This may or may not be relevant/useful! I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 with all current updates and the latest LMS nightly 8.2. Have only ever been able to get PlayHLS v2.7 even though there's a v2.8 available somewhere (maybe Linux only?). With PlayHLS v2.7 Spotify playlists are not found and scanning generally appears curtailed. I haven't investigated, it was just easier and quicker to uninstall PlayHLS and rescan. Over time I have made several attempts to use PlayHLS v2.7, originally with LMS 7.9 and with new Windows 10 installs so this for me is a longstanding problem. I haven't investigated any further because I'm not sure how relevant HLS is for me but it appears there is something interfering with LMS scan.
This sounds like a "PlayHLS plugin issue" and not a "future of HLS in LMS" issue and so should best be handled in the plugin own thread. To continue please repost on the PlayHLS support thread. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...LS-m3u8-stream

2.8 is part of the PlayHLS update so update should happen normally - V2 of the plugin is platform agnostic.

No HLS playlist appearing in Spotify sound like a Spotify plugin issue in the same was Tune-in will not show HLS stream unless the "type" hls is defined - this sounds like a Spotify issue. PlayHLS does not deal finding playlist or with the source of playlist just playing them.