Something I was wondering after the extensions I proposed for HTTP streaming: the community has done a good job keeping LMS up-to-date with evolving online streaming services and somewhat associated protocols: HTTPS is the new HTTP, mp4/aac is the new mp3, we have added ogg, opus, ogg/flac.

I know that @bpa you have created the playHLS plugin and I think I've understood you're working to update it for recent LMS versions. I was wondering if we should not integrate that directly as a new set of ProtocolHandlers, core tor LMS, so that it becomes "natural" for future plugins to depend on these and the work would be much simplified as the main task would then be to search and set the link to the hls, dash, mpd source (sorry I'm mixing a bit different things here I know) rather than re-inventing the wheel or relying on the user to install playHLS.