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    How will Touch handle MQA stream?

    I know Tidal offers MQA Master streams, and apparently Deezer does it as well for select titles (all though not officially).

    So, if I happen to stumble into one of these in e.g. 24bit/96Khz what will the stream do to my Touch (I know the built in D/A does not support it, but lets say my external DAC does). Will it detect that I am running a device without MQA support and "downgrade" to a regular 16bit 44.1Khz flac, or will it play as a high res flac, as my DAC does handle MQA? How will it know that I have a MQA supported DAC?
    LMS 8.1.1 on Synology 213+ NAS. 3 x Squeezebox Touch with external Rega DAC.

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    Paul Webster
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