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    SqueezeBox radio switches from LMS to mysqueezebox

    Hello, I'm a bit confused about mysqueezebox.com. I don't know what it does, exactly, and if you still need it when you have LMS installed...

    I own: Rpi (+ LMS + Squeezelite), DS118, Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox controller, 2 x Squeezebox receiver.
    I use material skin on my mobile devices. I use the controller as a portable player if I don't want to move the radio.

    After a period of time in which I don't use the Squeezebox Radio, it disappears from the dropdown menu on the top left in LMS (material skin), where you select your player. If I click 'manage players', it is visible in the list of mysqueezebox-players, and I have the option to reconnect it to LMS instead, and the option to select the radio will be available again from the pulldown menu.

    Why does it switch to mysqueezebox? How can I prevent this from happening? Do I need mysqueezebox.com at all? If not, can I disable it?
    Is it possible to configure the Squeezebox receivers without mysqueezebox and the controller, and connect them to the local network? Sometimes, their connection is lost and I have to reconfigure them with the controller. Is there an other way?

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    You can configure a receiver using NET::UDAP which is a utility created by Robin Bowes (THANKS). Robin created a thread in these forums here.
    You need to factory reset the receiver and have it ethernet attached for NET::UDAP to find the receiver on your network.
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