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    Can my plugin add custom song info into the playlist entries (default skin)?


    I would like to add custom song info (ratings, file format, bitrate, last listened, number of times listened, ...) into the playlist song info (in the list, not on the details page) in the default skin web interface.

    From what I understand this HTML is composed in the HTML/Default/status_list.html template. And it doesn't look like there is a hook to add another <div class="playlistSongDetail">.
    Also, adding additional buttons (<div class="playlistControls">) might be of interest.

    I would be happy to try adding this functionality to the default skin and work an a pull request.

    But I think I need some hints. What approach could I take? Is there any similar functionality in another template perhaps?
    Something like [% PROCESS $listOfRegisteredSongDetailProviders %]?

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