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    MQA and its problems

    Hi All,

    Found this on YT, its worth a watch if you use MQA



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    Try this thread for some serious fun


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    It's funny how MQA turned out to be a more expensive solution (scam) that turned out to be a lossy codec. A 320 mp3 may be better than MQA, lol

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    I see Radio Paradise are offering a MQA stream via Bluesound. Hopefully it won't impact the normal FLAC service. Bill writes:

    "Our initial MQA stream will be 16/44.1, so there's no resolution improvement. That will be coming in the future.

    The improvements I hear in our MQA stream are due to the 'audio voodoo' they apply to correct A/D & D/A errors in the recording, mixing & mastering process. In my opinion, that adds a lot of extra detail and texture to many recordings. I like the way it sounds. I find it more compelling & immersive. More musical.

    It will always be an option, not something forced on anyone."
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    Tidal has decided to have a cheaper option for CD only and add the option for "masters", 360 sound and other types of sliced bread at a higher cost. This will begin in Australia.

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    The CD quality files at Tidal may be the same encrypted MQA files with only the MQA flagging is removed. So you may get only 13bit to listen to.
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    Eventually MQA will become a toxic name similar to Aspartane...
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