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    Touch will play internet radio but not my music files

    I can play internet radio stations by starting from either Squeeze Ctrl on my android phone or from Web Control on my PC that has LMS and music files. However, when I attempt to play music files from either the song or songs will not play. Squeeze Ctrl just shuts the Touch down after a minute or so, on Web Control nothing at all happens when I try to start a song.

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    LMS > Control Panel > Diagnostics What is reported for all pings, ports, IP's?
    Sure Touch is connected to LMS and not MySB.com? Touch displays music files but just won't play them? Correct library is selected? Tried LMS rescan of library (maybe files were moved)?

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    Jeez, put the dunce hat on me. The USB hard drive with music files somehow was changed from G to F drive. Rescanned with correct drive letter selected and now works fine. Thank you Toby.

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