$ratingchar = HTML::Entities::decode_entities('★');

I'd like to use the unicode character 'BLACK STAR' (U+2605) in a titleformat that displays the track rating in (black) stars (and possibly append it to the track title). The 'normal' text star is quite tiny that's why I was thinking of the 2605 black star character.

The problem is that all devices with jivelite (Touch, Radio, Squeezeplay, piCorePlayer) can't display this character. I'm guessing because it's probably not included in the FreeSans font.

LMS web UI, Material skin, Softsqueeze, Boom and probably SB Classic and Transporter display this character without any problems.

Since I can't think of a way to make jivelite devices display this character I thought maybe I can return different characters if I know which device requested the titleformat.

But the function called via Slim::Music::TitleFormatter::addFormat only seems to get a track object from the server, nothing else. Is there any way to know which device requested the titleformat?

Thank you.