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    Replay Gain - Add/Subtract from TAG target value

    Discussions are often to scan library for -18 LUFS or -23 LUFS. While some like to aim for -14 LUFS.

    If one could scan and tag library for the often used EBU R128/ITU BS.1770 standard (-18 LUFS).
    But then be able to adjust to other targets from LMS Replay Gain settings would be a nice feature.

    Or if someone already have scanned for -23 LUFS but then figure out thay want to add 5 LUFS for -18 LUFS target without having to rescan and tag 50k files.

    If someone know if this already can be done with some file editing please let us know


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    'limserver-public-8.2/Slim/Player/ReplayGain.pm' seem to be where this could be implemented? No idea how the GUI parts for a change like this has be done though. I find references to 'HTML/EN/settings/player/audio.html' but that framework are lost on me.

    # Bug 5119
    # Reduce the gain value if necessary to avoid clipping
    sub preventClipping {
    	my ( $gain, $peak ) = @_;
    	if ( defined $peak && defined $gain && $peak > 0 ) {
    		my $noclip = -20 * ( log($peak) / log(10) );
    		if ( $noclip < $gain ) {
    			return $noclip;
    	return $gain;
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