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    Controller not charging or battery dead

    Had no use for my controller for more than a year. The battery low symbol comes up when trying to power up, but in the cradle the controller starts. When up the battery symbol in the right corner shows a plug. When I remember correctly, when charging an animation is shown. Does this mean the battery is not taking a charge? I donĹt wanna burn money for a new battery to learn the controller or cradle is at fault.

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    I doubt the controller is bad if you get it to boot up in the cradle and with the plug symbol the controller recognizes that it's in the cradle. My bet is the battery if you leave it in the cradle for a while and then it is still dead when you take it out of the cradle I'd replace the battery. Don't know where you are, but replacement batteries are pretty cheap. Amazon has the battery for $5.99


    If you think the wall wart of the cradle is bad there's a thread here somewhere that the person cut off the wall wart and put on a standard USB plug and then uses a standard USB charger. This way if the charger goes bad you can just get another at Walmart if you don't have a spare hanging around.
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    This is the thread about the 5V adapter: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?107328

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