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    PCP optimal Setup for Digi+ and old good rega dac for DSD and 44100 - 192000

    hello guys.

    I would like to ensure my digi+ is properly set on my good old rega dac not dsd compatible

    1/ Buffer size settings
    i ve added a buffer 20000:6000 (info grabbed somewhere here) set that solved quite all my sound glitches in 96k but with 192k playback,but still got really fewe sometimes.
    I do not know if it can be solved by changing the size (and what to change) of if it may be link because of the wifi (my rpi and NAS LMS are really closed to my box)
    To those who faced this, can you share your setup ?

    2/ DSD Setup
    My dac is not DSD compatible. I ve added the DSD Player in LMS and most of the tracks tested is working fine but somethimes i got a background noise or even awful noise.
    I was thinking it may be related that PCP was trying to send signal out of my dac possibilities ?
    Having a quick look, i was thinking something could be linked with the following parameters to be set :"Max sample rate" or "Device supports DSD/DoP"
    Anyone can help ?

    Many, many thx !!!!

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    you will have to set max sampling rate to maximum your dac is able to convert eg 44100-192000 and upsample settings to vE:::24. This works for me.

    Cubietruck with armbian runnig lms and squeezelite for my hifi System (feeding an ifi micro)
    2 Squeezebox Radios (kitchen and bath)
    Nubert NuPro A200, AW350 Sub , raspi 3 with hifiberry digi+ for the bedroom
    raspi A with M2Tech HiFace usb dac and JBL Control 1 for the balcony :-)

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    Out of interest, which rpi do you have for the Digi+ and is it connected to the network by wireless or ethernet ?


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