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    Old Synology LMS packages (SPKs) nowhere to be found


    Today, I ran into trouble with my LMS 8.0.0 installation on my Synology DS214+ (armada xp). I was forced to uninstall it in order to be able to roll back to a previous perl version (5.24). I used to download the SPK from an external community source as configured in DSM 6 and therefore have no copies of my own. I also was unaware that finding another LMS spk package to download was going to be so difficult. A few months ago this was no problem, and I didn't have any clue then that dwnloading any SPK was going to be a problem.

    As of today or yesterday - or so it seems - all SPKs are taken down from all the usual channels (Sourceforce, slimdevices, et cetera. See below).

    There is a lot to be downloaded, just not any SPKs... And also my community sources (the pinkdot website especially) seem to be taken down.

    I managed to find Synology's latest official SPks, but it was 7.7.6 or so and I need at least 7.9.X because I use the very lovely Material Skin as an "app" for my mobile phone. Is there anywhere where I can download the desired SPK for my armada xp synology?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help or reply.

    This is where I looked for SPKs for LMS 7.7.7 or higher:
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/lms.../files/DSM6.x/ deprecated link

    Official Synology SPK (LMS 7.7.6-116) that I downloaded:
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