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    Folders for mysqueezebox

    Is there any way to create folders for favorites? Specifically can I put
    various favorites onto folders such as "NEWS" "OLD TIME RADIO" etc. Then
    select the favorites on my squeezebox from folders.

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    Folders for mysqueezebox

    > Is there any way to create folders for favorites?┬ Specifically can I
    > put various favorites onto folders such as "NEWS" "OLD TIME RADIO" etc.
    > Then select the favorites on my squeezebox┬ from folders.

    I'm sorry, this is not available from mysqueezebox.com. It would be
    using LMS.

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    You could host your own OPML file.
    RadioFeeds UK & Ireland.. an up-to-date radio directory for your Squeezebox/Transporter/UE Smart Radio.. available from the mysqueezebox.com App Gallery.
    Bonus: our RadioFeeds LMS plugin also lists AAC and the BBC's high-quality HLS streams on top of what's available in our MSB app.
    Now with over 1000 registered users, it's available for Logitech Media Server (and Squeezebox Server, SqueezeCenter and SlimServer).
    Click for more info: http://www.radiofeeds.co.uk/squeeze

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    Open LMS, click on Favorites in the WebGUI, then to the far right border of the word FAVORITES there is a little "pencil" icon. Click on this. Now you can edit, rearrange, rename, etc your Favorites. At this point you can also create folders and subfolders and move your favorites into these folders. I have lots of folders and subfolders for my favorites.

    Now the above only works for your local LMS, not mysb.com favorites. There's been lots of requests to add folder capability to mysb.com favorites. There is an easy workaround to get this however.

    1. Create your local LMS favorites with folders, etc.
    2. copy your "favorites.opml" file from its location on your local computer running LMS.
    3. put a copy of this "favorites.opml" file somewhere on a website where you have access and can reference it by URL (a URL that doesn't change). I put my favorites.opml file on DROPBOX. Then I copy the dropbox link (URL) to that file and paste this URL into a FAVORITES on mysqueezebox.com. NOTE: the end of this dropbox URL may be "dl=0" and if so, change this to "dl=1". I give this favorite a name in mysqueezebox.com such as "Gary's LMS Favorites".

    So now, even if I'm on mysqueezebox.com (and not my local LMS), I can click on "Gary's LMS Favorites" in my FAVORITES listing and see all my favorites with folder structure intact. Works really nicely and easy to setup. Every once in a while, I copy my most recent favorites.opml file from LMS and replace the one on my dropbox site so that I keep it up to date.

    EDIT: obviously my favorites list is only internet radio. Actual local files wouldn't be available on mysb.com
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