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    O2 Joogler timed auto dim of screen?

    i'm a happy owner of a pair of O2 Jogglers with jivelite on it.
    Everything is working.

    Now i have a luxury request.
    As one of the jogglers is sitting on a table where it has to much sunlight, i have enabled 100% backlight, as the automatic backlight dimming isn't working as i want it to. Dims when not needed or wanted.....

    So 100% Backlight is fine, but as soon as the squeezebox ecosystem goes "to sleep" and the screen saver kicks in, the display is too bright.

    Is it possible to switch to automatic dimming via script which kicks in with an event eg. button press (using flirc and a remote) or time of day?
    Of course the same in reverse....
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