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    So this is not specifically about your LMS but that of whomever installs the plugin you created. Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but can't you just make that Perl module you talk about (which I assume references the zone info files in /usr/share) part of the plugin? I'm not a real big fan myself of local services accessing remote machines other than those that the user specifically intents to target.

    Also, to avoid confusion could you please reference UTC as the zero offset timezone rather than the wintertime component of GMT/BST?

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    Everything inside the plugin is UTC.

    The issue is converting into UTC a time given by the broadcaster that has no timezone / DST / UTC offset specified.

    Sure - i could package the Perl library that does similar calculations (including read zone info from whereever it might be) - see the first few messages in this thread for conjecture around that.

    As for accessing remote services ... I broadly agree but sometimes there are compromises.
    Accessing a remote service for timezone info on first play of one of these stations after LMS startup is, in my view, acceptable.
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