To bugfix some issues I'm trying to build jive from source. I cloned the squeezeplay repository from github and checked out public/7.7 where the commit statement hints that this should be the version that runs on my squeezebox hardware. The sources appear to be pretty messed up though and I had to solve various C language errors to create a valid binary.

So the first thing I noticed is that the resulting binary does not link to the same libraries as the one in the original software. It turns out that most of the missing libraries are linked statically on various levels and for some obscure reason the sources default to link to portaudio which is what you would need on Windows but not on squeezeos. Another thing I noticed is that support for spotify is stripped. Not a big issue for me as I don't use that, but I suppose this is also true for the community version?

Last thing: when I run the self-built jive on Radio the screen is rotated 90 degrees. There appears to be a configure key to fix that, but why would it prefer to run on a vertical screen where every commercially sold Squeezebox has a horizontal oriented screen?