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    Tidal - Albums missing from Collection / My Favourites

    I have run into a minor oddity today and I've run out of ideas to resolve it.

    In my Tidal account I have several (a few dozen) albums added to my Collection (Tidal terminology). On my various Squeezeboxes those albums appear under Tidal / My Favourites / Albums, and until today I could play them. Today there are three albums which I can't play in LMS - if I try to add them to the playlist nothing happens, and if I click on the album title to list the tracks I see "No search results found".

    This only happens with three albums (or, at least, I've only found three so far) - other albums in my Tidal Collection, and listed under My Favourites, show a full list of tracks and play correctly.

    I have tried going to my Tidal account and removing those three albums from my Collection - then, if I return to LMS, they are no longer listed - as you would expect. Add the albums back to my Tidal Collection and they reappear in the My Favourites list in LMS, but they are empty as before. Weird.

    I have tried logging out of my Tidal account in MySqueezebox and logging back in - no change.

    This is on a fresh install of LMS on a Pi4, using PiCorePlayer. I'm on the Stable version with nightly updates.

    The only common feature of these three albums is that they are the first three on the list in LMS, i.e. in alphabetical order - I can't see how that is relevant, but it is so and I thought I should mention it.

    As I say, I'm out of ideas - can anyone suggest what is wrong, or what I might do to reset things? It's only a minor niggle, but I'd like to resolve it if I can.

    More info:-

    I've spent a bit more time on this and I'm no further forward. It's not a big deal and I've got a work-around, but this is really odd.

    Adding and removing albums to my Collection in Tidal results in those albums appearing and behaving normally in LMS, except for three albums. They are:-

    - All around my hat, Steeleye Span

    - A little bit of magic in every batch, Underscore Orkestra

    - 2001 Instrumental, Dr Dre

    In Tidal I can play those albums with no problem, so they haven't been withdrawn by Tidal for some reason. If I add those albums to my Tidal Collection, they appear in LMS / Tidal / My Favourites / Albums, but they are empty - no tracks are listed, and they cannot be played.

    I created three new playlists in Tidal, and added the tracks from each of those three albums to a playlist. The playlists appear in LMS, and I can play them (that's my workaround).

    I thought there might be a problem because two of those albums are duplicated in my local music (stored on a USB stick in the Pi). I tried various permutations of full rescans with and without Tidal albums included, and even tried removing the Online Music Integration plugin. It made no difference. I have, of course, tried rebooting the server and just about everything else. Whatever I do, those three albums will not work as intended in Tidal / My Favourites / Albums. Maybe LMS doesn't like my taste in music.

    If any Tidal users have a few minutes to spare, it would be interesting to know whether you can add those albums to your Tidal Collection, and then see them in LMS as albums in Tidal and play them. If you can, then it's just me and it's time to get out the tinfoil hat . . .
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