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If you only have, say, a light switch available I guess you could make it work with that, but you'd have to make it clear that the switch would have to be toggled one way and then the other (closed then opened) in quick succession for a single 'press'. Since you only need the 'pause' function, you could leave out the 'stop' function, or define the long press to be so long (say 3000 milliseconds) that there's no danger of it accidentally being triggered. Or you could define the long press to be the same 'pause' function. Or you could just leave the long press undefined, so it's never triggered. Several options, but from memory I believe that the event is only triggered once the pin is ungrounded - I could be wrong there - so it would be important that the switch is always toggled both ways, and left in the 'open' position.
Just a quick update:
I just dont have the right tools to get the headphone remote work, but i was able to install everything the way you described, and by shortening the pins 18 and 20 (GPIO24 and GND on Pi3B) i was able to pause and play.
But it didnt put sound out to the headphone.
After removing the command (there is a small typo in your description: sbpd-script.sh instead of sbpd=script.sh) from tweaks its working again.
Well thanks a lot, at least i know how it is working for now, but ill have to wait for the right tools.
But why did the audio out stop working?

Voice control and IR remote are out of question, the described gpio button would be perfect:-)