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    SB Touch Loud Pop / Click Noise when Stopping or Advancing DSD

    I am using my SB Touch with EDO Applet, DSDPlayer plugin, and USB output to stream DSD (.dsf) files to my integrated amplifier/DAC combo. Music sounds great except when I get a loud pop / click noise if I stop the music, or try to forward to another track. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any solutions?

    Setup: LMS 8.1.2 running on Raspberry Pi 4 (Debian OS), DSDPlayer plugin version 1.07


    2/28/2021 Additional information:

    -The amplifier/dac is a Rotel A14 using PC USB Input (Audio Class 2.0)
    -The pop / click noise does not occur when stopping/forwarding FLAC files
    -For now I decided to disable "DSD-over-PCM" in the DSDPlayer plugin settings which gets rid of the problem. Is there a good write-up on DSDPlayer explaining the basics on how it works, and how one can tweak the PCM conversion parameters?

    3/7/2021 Related question:
    -Can anyone recommend an external DAC, (price up to $500), that works nicely with DSDPlayer plugin and "DSD-over-PCM" enabled, that does not exhibit pops / clicks when stopping or advancing DSD files?
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