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    New Pi Core Player Installation Joy

    I have recently watched a couple of youtube videos of people using RPI as streaming devices on high end HiFi

    Armed with this new found knowledge I dug out my old RPI 2B and ordered HiFiberry Digi+ Pro and an oversize case.

    Over the course of couple of evenings I downloaded Picoreplayer and installed all the components.

    I have to say that the whole process was straight forward and the getting started documentation was excellent

    Once it was plugged in (Cyrus streamline 2 - no Spotify support, B&W 683 S2 floorstanders), it worked perfectly first time, and the sound quality from the on board WAV files was better than I got from the Cyrus directly

    As a software user for thirty years I am getting increasingly disillusioned with propriety solutions and am turning to open source alternatives.

    This software is one the very best examples of open source I have seen and couldn't be happier to pay a $20 donation

    Even all of the plugins all worked first time its just amazing!

    I'm a very happy noob!

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    hi spick71,

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

    It makes it easier to keep on going.

    It sounds like piCorePlayer was a perfect fit for you.


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