In the narrow middle section between the left and right frames there is a small icon that when pressed will hide the playlist frame. This means you can navigate drilldowns full screen, if needed.

And because the prev/pause/next playback buttons are visible on the bottom bar, you can still skip a track etc without needing to bring back the playlist frame.

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Once playback starts, you have this playback screen rendered.

You select a specific track by clicking on the album art next to the track needed (much easier than trying to hunt down that tiny little icon as per standard LMS)

Each track is well delineated inside radiused boxes, with the current track being rendered in a soft green and pending track selection via the wider greying box.

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Clicking on the “dice” icon at the bottom of the playlist page will display the musicians on that album plus a bio of the artist.

This info is NOT provide by any LMS plugin but is via my own scrapper which adds this data into the LMS database (album or track tables..noting that the data needed in the track table only tags the first track in each album)

The musician list comes from discogs and the bio from Wikipedia or allmusic if not found on wiki.

This means I “own/can curate” all the tags rather than say with Roon where it’s in their cloud and never lands on your files.

I will probably extend this data a little with recording dates, locations but I don’t want it to become a data masturbation exercise.

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If you click anywhere on a playlist radiused box you display the albums associated with that artist.

This matches my general way of listening. Rather than engaging in “play everything I have in a random order”, I will focus on a few albums from the same artists cause I am in the mood for say Eddy Clearwater.

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I have recently started collating “the best of” albums for my major artists which involves copying their albums sideways, deleting the tracks I don’t like and then running a custom program that repackages/retags the WAV files.

Yes this uses more space but space is cheap and doing this means the reworking is persistent (i.e. not potentially fragile like an mpu playlist).

However, I wanted to see the album art for each track as per its original album but due to the way LMS work this wasn’t possible, so I need to do some hacks to LMS to allow this as well as present the original album names. Job Done.

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Finally, navigation doesn’t leverage the browsers back/forward buttons but rather LMS keeps track of where you came from. Start playback on an album in section “D’ of the artist or album drilldown and the navigation pane will return you to that section.

Drilldown into an artist’s albums inside section “D” and clicking on the “back” icon will return you to that section etc etc etc.

This ensures that navigation is targeted to where you came from.