Thanks, I will check the plugin out!


BTW: Are random selections working well? I have some weird behavior.

My genre "Discogs" shows 463 tracks. But if I do a random playlist from this genre with the "random artist" or "random album" I get all sorts of additional tracks that should not be in there.

I checked if I might have tagged wrong mp3-tags but this is not the case (also those tracks do not come up under the genre as I said and they are in totally different folders.).

It's always the same:

- Random titles -> correct tracks from just that genre
- Random artists (Interpreten in german) -> some of the correct tracks plus mostly totally wrong tracks
- Random albums -> a lot of the correct tracks but some weird additional ones

Also, every time I do this and delete the playlist, the order of the ramdomly added tracks is exactly the same. I do this from the main "random titles" menu in the GUI.

I just updated from 7.9 to 8.1 and deleted and re-scaned my library.

Sorry for the long post. I maybe should start a new thread on this.