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It works perfectly fine for me. I have 6 players on PcP that are permanently synched. Most of the time not all are "powered on" (squeezelite soft power), but if any one of them would get out of sync one would notice. In the rare occasion they get out of sync powering on an additional player always solves it (with a less than one second gap while they all re-sync). In my experience this is way better than airplay or sonos.
Are all of your 6 players on the same Wifi router?

In my two Radio set-up, each is connected to a different Wifi access point. The PcP is connected to the router via ethernet. This might explain why I have more more frequent drift if one of the routers is busy dealing with some other device.

Does anyone have any suggestion on the Synchronize settings? I see a Network Packet Latency (ms) adjustment. Perhaps that might help?