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    Devices only will connect to wireless from certain modems


    I have had no problems connecting my device to wireless in the past. I have a number of squeezebox radios I have been using for many years. I had to change Internet providers. They sent a new modem. None of my devices would connect to the new wireless network from the new modem. I have done factory resets, power cycles, etc. Same with the new modem. Simply won't connect.

    I borrow and try other modems and they connect.

    At this point, it is going to be expensive and a lot of hassle to completely change Internet providers in hopes of getting a modem that will work with my devices. And it is a roll of the dice.
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    Can you think of anything else I can do to try fix this connectivity problem with the new wireless network? I am unable to run cable for a variety of reasons.

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    A typical way to handle this is to keep the working WiFi access point and have everything connect to that - and then use Ethernet to connect that access point to whatever it is that the ISP is forcing on you ... and turn off the WiFi on the ISP provided box.

    Often the old ISP does not want their old box back because it is obsolete.

    It can sometimes be a bit tricky to get it set up first time - but if you move your old access point (with built-in DHCP presumably) to an IP address something like then there is little chance of clashes with your new one.

    People here can help if you provide more info.
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    Another way suggested in similar threads is to go into the Router Setings via a browser (often this needs to be an ethernet-connected machine, as settings usually can't be altered via a purely wifi connection....) and see what type of radio wifi signal is being provided. New routers typically use 802.11 n - which SBs seem not to be able to use. Many - all? - new routers will also allow either 802.11 b or g (the older wifi protocols) to be enabled; and that is what SBs use.

    And of course a quick and simple check would be to connect a problematic SB device to the new router via an ethernet cable - if that works, then the problem is alost certainly just the wifi protocol.

    Painful this - and clearly likely to be more and more of an issue. Is there a "simple" way of entablishing which leading routers still offer b and g, and which may not?
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    There are plenty of decent routers available and you most ISPs will let you use whatever router you want. They just wonĺt support it.

    So you have 3 options.
    1. Get a decent router and go through the pain of getting it set up with your particular ISP.
    2. Use an old router or access point downstream from the router. Requires a bit of knowledge and set up but not much.
    3. Get Ethernet to WiFi 802.n adapters. Requires power adjacent to your SB player.
    Usually cheapest and easiest option is 2.
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    I use Ubiquiti Unifi AC- Lite access points and they are rock solid on all (32) client devices including two Radio's, two Boom's and three SB3's along with lots of 2.4Ghz IOT stuff. I can't understand why anyone would want WiFi 6 in their home as it is intended to serve hundreds of devices in a commercial environment.

    Plug an AP into your router, give it a different SSID and use it for your 2.4Ghz devices. Most legacy routers can be set up as access points very easily.

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    Originally Posted by OrlandoErnest
    I've been using squeezebox radios for my podcast to text converter customwritingcompany.com and transcribe the podcasts online. But recently, I've been having issues with the new wireless network. Other modems work well.

    What is the make and model of your device? I might suggest something, if I knew the model. Also, mind that squeezeboxes do not use N for wi-fi. So make sure to check your router settings for this. Anyway, there's always an option to add an external router to your modem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heuer View Post
    I use Ubiquiti Unifi AC- Lite access points and they are rock solid on all (32) client devices
    I love Ubiquiti stuff too, but recent updates to UniFi and/or the firmware for the Unifi AC access points has played havoc with my older SB devices. There is a setting on the Setting>Wireless Settings> your wireless network > 802.11 Rate and Beacon Controls that will sometimes, without admin command, will enable a minimum data rate that exceeds the capacity of older SB devices. I have turned off the option, but updates tend to re-enable it.

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