I intend to try this, I have an extensive well organized MP3 music collection. Listen via a slimdevice classic into a basic $500 Pioneer Elite (modern)receiver via digital optical. Most of my music is 192 - 300mps. I have nicer B&W 5.1 with (2) definitive tech subs, sounds good to me but not really audiophile Quality. My question is will music sound MUCH better with a Tidal premium account via my hdmi out return to stereo via tv or via my music collection on LMS? Will HiFi sound even better. I want good quality sound but hate leaving my devices and music collection. I will always keep the players in non-listening room environments, ie Kitchen garage. I can do the test of course and intend to, wanted to here your thoughts. I do not want to upgrade my equipment or install a DAC ANALOG, not me and not enough room in the back of my unit. I want basic great sounding music at least cost but tidal at $10-$20/month is definitely reasonable.

Please offer comments. Thanks

Duet - SlimDevice
Up to date 8.1 LMS

Like my system but curious if I should move to tidal, prefer not to but my TCL 75" Roku TV is really nice and suspect album art and the like would look awesome when playing music. Thanks everyone.