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    I just made a static measurement of the satellites, which are a hi and mid range setup. The Klipsch spec sheet show the sats as 4 ohm and the woofer at 6 ohms. There is no pre-amp in either satellite, but there is a crossover in them with a resistor, capacitor, and inductor. I didn't open up the sats but apparently though they look identical on the outside the electronics on the inside have changed substantially. There is a control box in the master satellite that has volume controls for the satellites and sub. That very well could be a pre-amp of sorts (they too often fry due to cheap caps. The sub design has changed too - the new model apparently has a chip amp inside to get around the overheating that has wiped out so many amps and driven folks mad.

    I can't explain the results with the Sony AVR. Boy it didn't like trying to drive this system. Just to check I hooked the amp into a system in another room and it worked fine, so the amp is solid - but hook it to the Klipsch speakers directly and it just sounds awful. Then again, this might be due to the weak signal from the SB. I've long read that the SB classic isn't big on output. The original SB manual said it was okay to plug it directly in to a powered speaker setup. I did zero research when I hooked it up to the Klipsch Promedia setup years ago and simply lucked out in finding a good match.

    When I say "low" I mean below what I would consider a moderate listening level - and that with volume set to max which is not something any system should be running.

    The Lepai has a 2.1 to .1 switch. When I disconnect the sats and drive just the sub it appears clean with very little energy. I have a 12" Klipsch sub in another system and will connect the SB - Lepai - Klipsch sub and see what I get.

    As you said, my mistake might be not taking into account that the Klipsch Promedia design does have an in-line pre-amp and by not keeping this in the system I'm dealing with too weak a signal from the SB alone. If so, that problem would be solved simply by adding a DAC with volume control.

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    I can't see what you are seeing (obviously) and in my brain is my old altec lansing computer 2.1 setup , so I went out and found this https://audiomods.datsunzgarage.us/promedia/ is this your system?

    If so, it does look like the "preamp" I was referring to is a separate unit below one of the sats. If the sats speaker connections are completely independent of this "preamp" unit, then you are right, signal from the sb to the lipai to the speakers, should work fine

    I wouldn't suspect a "weak signal" from your sb if you are at 100% volume, also, make sure you don't have any of the replay gain settings on. All of these devices are "line level" and while some are "hotter" than others, it would not contribute to what you are hearing. Here's an experiment - hook the sb into the avr (make sure all of the sound processing is off, you want "stereo", direct if it's available). connect a fm antenna, Hook a tape monitor (out) into the lipai. Then you should be able switch between FM and the SB and compare volume through the lipai. Instead of fm if you have a cd player, etc...

    be careful if you try the sb->lepai**->klipsch 12"** as you will have two preamps/crossovers in the signal path (the **). I also happen to have an old klipsch ksw12 sub, it has line in and line out, so (if you have the same or similar) you could hook the sb directly into 12" sub. Maybe try to run the little sats from the 12" then?

    If you wanted, you could go sb->12" line in, 12" line out -> lepai line in, not sure what they would get you tho...

    with these problems I always try to swap things around to isolate the problem, as I have alot of old legacy stuff laying around.

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