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    Mastering my tags - Album Artist question

    I've never really had a very clear idea about the subtleties of tagging - compilations, multi-disc sets etc - so I thought I'd have a go at figuring out one or two things with some simple tests. I set up a small test rig, using a pCP set up to run LMS, and with a 'third partition' to hold a small amount of music. And already I've found some behaviour which I don't understand.

    The majority of my collection is in the form of whole album FLACs with separate CUE sheets. In theory this allows me to make a simple text edit to the cue sheet to change any tags, without needing a dedicated tagging program. As an aside, I've just noticed that my ripping program, XLD on my Macbook, is also putting a few basic tags into the FLAC file, so that's one thing I want to put right - my feeling is that the FLAC files should be tag-less so that everything comes from the CUE sheet. But that issue is not related to the behaviour I'm seeing.

    Specifically, I'm wondering about the 'Album Artist' information.

    I started with a double CD of Phil Spector tracks - "The Essential Phil Spector". I thought this would be a good choice for my tests because it's a multi-disc set, and there are numerous artists across the 34 tracks. None of the individual tracks has 'Phil Spector' as the artist, but nevertheless I'd like the whole album of 2 CDs to show up when I search on 'Phil Spector'. The CUE sheet produced by XLD for the first CD looks like this:

    TITLE "The Essential Phil Spector"
    PERFORMER "Phil Spector"
    REM DISCID F00A7111
    FILE "The Essential Phil Spector Disc 1.flac" WAVE
      TRACK 01 AUDIO
        TITLE "To Know Him Is To Love Him"
        PERFORMER "The Teddy Bears"
        ISRC USQX91101151
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
      TRACK 02 AUDIO
        TITLE "Corrine, Corrina"
        PERFORMER "Ray Peterson"
        ISRC USMC10112302
        INDEX 00 02:23:13
        INDEX 01 02:24:63
      TRACK 03 AUDIO
        TITLE "Spanish Harlem"
        PERFORMER "Ben E. King"
        ISRC USAT20202648
        INDEX 00 05:04:45
        INDEX 01 05:06:33
      TRACK 04 AUDIO
        TITLE "Pretty Little Angel Eyes"
        PERFORMER "Curtis Lee"
        ISRC USCA20802803
        INDEX 00 07:59:62
        INDEX 01 08:01:47
      TRACK 05 AUDIO
        TITLE "Every Breath I Take"
        PERFORMER "Gene Pitney"
        ISRC USACU0500064
        INDEX 00 10:47:07
        INDEX 01 10:49:48
      TRACK 06 AUDIO
        TITLE "I Love How You Love Me"
        PERFORMER "The Paris Sisters"
        ISRC USQX91101152
        INDEX 00 13:32:64
        INDEX 01 13:34:62
      TRACK 07 AUDIO
        TITLE "There's No Other Like My Baby"
        PERFORMER "The Crystals"
        ISRC USQX91100105
        INDEX 00 15:40:18
        INDEX 01 15:41:65
      TRACK 08 AUDIO
        TITLE "Uptown"
        PERFORMER "The Crystals"
        ISRC USQX91100107
        INDEX 00 18:11:46
        INDEX 01 18:13:25
      TRACK 09 AUDIO
        TITLE "He's A Rebel"
        PERFORMER "The Crystals"
        ISRC USQX91100111
        INDEX 00 20:34:42
        INDEX 01 20:36:00
      TRACK 10 AUDIO
        TITLE "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
        PERFORMER "Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans"
        ISRC USQX91000370
        INDEX 00 23:06:67
        INDEX 01 23:08:69
      TRACK 11 AUDIO
        TITLE "Puddin' N' Tain"
        PERFORMER "The Alley Cats"
        ISRC USQX91000372
        INDEX 00 25:59:61
        INDEX 01 26:00:65
      TRACK 12 AUDIO
        TITLE "He's Sure The Boy I Love"
        PERFORMER "The Crystals"
        ISRC USQX91100115
        INDEX 00 28:49:02
        INDEX 01 28:50:58
      TRACK 13 AUDIO
        TITLE "Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts?"
        PERFORMER "Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans"
        ISRC USSM10906870
        INDEX 00 31:34:19
        INDEX 01 31:36:67
      TRACK 14 AUDIO
        TITLE "(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry"
        PERFORMER "Darlene Love"
        ISRC USSM10906444
        INDEX 00 34:25:42
        INDEX 01 34:27:67
      TRACK 15 AUDIO
        TITLE "Da Doo Ron Ron"
        PERFORMER "The Crystals"
        ISRC USQX91100116
        INDEX 00 37:13:71
        INDEX 01 37:16:36
      TRACK 16 AUDIO
        TITLE "Not Too Young To Get Married"
        PERFORMER "Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans"
        ISRC USSM10906871
        INDEX 00 39:36:45
        INDEX 01 39:37:56
      TRACK 17 AUDIO
        TITLE "Wait Til' My Bobby Gets Home"
        PERFORMER "Darlene Love"
        ISRC USSM10906445
        INDEX 00 42:07:37
        INDEX 01 42:08:49
    Quite naturally, each track has its own 'PERFORMER' tag, and the overall album also has a 'PERFORMER' tag which is there because I manually filled in the 'Album Artist' in the metadata editor before the disc was ripped. The cue sheet seems to be handled without error by LMS, and all the tracks look correct when viewed in LMS. I have LMS configured to 'Use two separate lists for Album Artists and All Artists', and when I click on 'All Artists' all the individual performers are listed, including Phil Spector.

    If I drill down into a single track, the info looks correct. The track is listed with its own details, but also with an Album Artist of Phil Spector.

    Name:  Track Info.jpg
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    But if look under the top level 'Album Artists' in LMS, it says it's empty.

    Name:  Album Artists.jpg
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    So why does LMS recognise that each track has an Album Artist, but then tell me I don't have any Album Artists?
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