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    No artwork old bug


    I've had this bug for years.

    After a while after I rebooted the Radio, artwork won't show up anymore. I don't know why it happens, maybe it happens more often after using a plugin like spotty or pocketcasts, or streaming with DLNA, but not sure.

    This bug also prevents the radio from going in standby mode. I can't even force the standby remotely. Button on the radio still works.
    (edit : if I hit the power button it goes in standby "clock" mode, but if I then launch music it stays on the clock screen)
    Restarting the server fixes the issue.

    Also sometimes it makes the music stop after a few seconds or minutes.

    I know, it's a mess. I've been rebooting the radio often over the years. I tried a complete reinstall of LMS, the radio firmware, and I'm now on the modified firmware found here. Nothing helps.

    Thanks for reading, happy to hear any suggestions
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