This is only tangentially related to Logitech Media Server, but I have several old AM radios around the house that have had the tube parts disconnected and a modern, small amp installed, which then have our old iphones plugged in and we run LMS and listen a lot that way - it works with our mid-century house, etc.

I don't mind the low-fi-ness of it, but I am missing the compression and limiting you actually hear with these radios via true AM broadcasting. I've wondered; is there any kind of app that would simply take my ipeng (or other audio) out, pass it through processing, and output via the headphone jack?

I've discovered that the RoughRider app sort of does what I want, but apparently it's a fluke as it only outputs a processed signal via bluetooth and there are no controls available - not ideal. I also don't really want to get into separate units as this seems like something that I should be able to do directly on an ipad or iphone.

Any thoughts?