Hi all -

I am using LMS with the Tidal and Online Music Library Integration plugins, intending to stream from Tidal. I have two Raspberry Pi's running this setup. One of them refuses to scan and load the favorites from Tidal, while the other works as intended. Both can play back Tidal tracks without issue, so it's only the library integration that is a problem.

The problem Pi exhibited this behavior:

1. After I set it up, it started scanning Tidal favorites and they appeared in my library, with artwork, but it halted at 28 albums out of 106 for some unknown reason. It would not budge from there.
2. I let it sit for a good long time and also tried various refresh buttons that seemed potentially like they might cause it to rescan. No luck.
3. Out of frustration, I disabled both of the relevant plugins (Tidal and Online Music Library Integration), restarted LMS, then turned them back on again.
4. What then happened is that the 28 albums disappeared and the library is now empty, but it's not rescanning.

The preferences for Online Music Library Integration I have set to Tidal: Integrate Online Library and Automatically Check for Changes

I love this setup when it works, as it does on the other Pi!

Any tips about how to reinitialize the library integration?