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    LMS does not recognize some music folders but Itunes does MP3 Help

    Logitech Media Server Version: 8.0.1
    Operating system: Windows 10 - EN - cp1252
    Perl Version: 5.14.1 - MSWin32-x86-multi-thread

    Itunes Media location: D:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media
    LMS Music File Location: D:\Music
    Music File Structure: D:\Music has an Itunes folder, MyTunes folder that has all music files MP3 by Artist then Albums then files with art, Playlist

    I have been adding some music files to my library, I confirm they are in the correct folder, I rescan for new music and they do not show in LMS but do in Itunes, it is erratic, sometimes they do but confirmed many times they do not, I use itunes to see my music collection but LMS to play via a duet controller, no use to me if Itunes can see it but LMS does not

    Any help? I do not want to clear library and rescan everything yet, that has burned me before

    Can someone offer some input please, driving me crazy, thanks

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    Might be some clues in scanner.log
    If not you will probably have to increase the logging level
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    I had an issue with some music files not being scanned from mercan dede album 800. I tracked it down to a Turkish character in the file name that looked like an "i" without the dot so edited the file names replacing this character, and the scanner picked them up.
    These same files were picked up and played by Foobar fine.

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    If they are old files from iTunes they may also have DRM on them but you can redownload non DRM versions for no cost or used to be able to
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