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Thread: Raspberry Pico

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    Raspberry Pico

    I've just bought the new Pico, and one of these:


    Even the device name is calling out for a PiCorePlayer port.

    Not sure how long it will take to get here in France post Brexit, but could be a nice cheap player.

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    A problem though is that the Raspberry Pi version does not (today at least) have any WiFi (or Bluetooth or Ethernet).

    The Arduino device that is coming out that is using the same Raspberry Silicon does have WiFi I think and there was another Pimoroni add-on board that brings WiFi although I think they have not released it yet.

    I think a port of Squeezelite / SqueezeESP32 would be the most likely given the C support ... but without networking I think it is limited as a Squeeze device.
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    Well, I'm not sure I see the benefit compared to the esp32 port that we have done. Lots of extra work for not gain, I think. I would rather get one of these http://www.lilygo.cn/prod_view.aspx?...FId=t3:50033:3
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