Currently using LMS 8.1.2 - 1610697261 @ Fri Jan 15 10:27:01 WEST 2021, though I'm not certain if this problem appeared with an earlier version.

In the week or two my partner has started to complain that the alarm clock on our bedroom SB Boom is coming on after the start of the hourly news it is tuned to. (Not that I've been missing a couple minutes of updates on COVID-19 and politics, but it bothers her ;-).) I finally investigated this. It appears that every SB player device in the house had its time two minutes behind real time -- best I can tell exactly two minutes behind. (I have checked two Booms, one Touch, and one Classic so far and their times appeared to be consistently incorrect.)

Both the LMS server they talk to and the router are set to synchronize with and have the correct time. I went digging in both the client UI Settings and the LMS Player Settings and can't find any reference to where players get their time. Fiddling around with the LMS server time (setting it a day early and the clock randomly not at the right time) caused one device I was looking at to see if this made any difference to apparently lose its connection with the LMS server and display a message about I changed the server time back to real time and hard-booted the device; it reconnected with the LMS server and its time now seems to be the real time.

Where is the client time synchronization controlled and what is the source of the time? I was previously under the impression that time comes from the LMS server the client is connected to unless it has no connection, in which case it keeps track locally. (Thus the Boom will play a default alarm at around the right time even if it's not connected to the network.) But apparently my devices aren't doing this, or at least aren't doing it consistently or are subtracting a couple minutes from the time. Any insight would be appreciated.