I've been using LMS on a WHS 2011 for many years and it has worked well. However, it is time to move on an I'm not quite sure how to proceed with the installation.

I have purchased a Pi 4 8GB, an Argon One M2 case and a 1TB SSD to fit in the case. Everything will be on a wired network with a fixed IP address.

Scanning the forum it appears people recommend PiCorePlayer and I understand why. However, my first question is can it make use of the 8GB and the second question is can it work as a DLNA server as well?

Looking at other options I see Ubuntu 64 bit server is available for the Pi. This I understand does make use of 8GB and would allow me to install LMS and Asset DLNA server.

What do people advise? Is Ubuntu a good way to go?

Next, it is a long time since I have installed/configured LMS. If I take the Ubuntu route are there any up to date instructions and what do people recommend for add-ons etc. When I previously installed LMS add-ons all cost money. Is this still the case?

I'm totally out of date with regard to LMS and have no idea what has happened since the days when I installed it on WHS 2011.

One of the things I would like to do is listen to radio, both BBC and other stations. Although I am in the UK I prefer US radio stations. What is the best way to find these now?

Any advise would be much appreciated.