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Today I had occasion to re-look at this as the 2 servers became slightly more out of line than they were before - now 2 missing Qobuz albums

I stumbled across the cause - it was the following "Play samples" setting in the Qobuz plugin.

One of the two servers had it checked the other did not. I checked it ON on the server with 2 missing albums and rescanned and hey presto we now have the same numbers in both libraries BUT .....

I already knew that one of the missing albums was "Crossroads Revisited by Eric Clapton" - having looked more carefully it doesn't have Samples but Qobuz state that the FLAC version is only available for purchase/download so its given me MP3 versions in my Library instead. I still don't know what the other missing album was.

This suggests that the "Play samples" switch doesn't quite work as intended ????

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Turns out the tracks in question ARE SAMPLES but are not marked anywhere as such! LMS shows the full track length but they only play for 30 seconds! Doh.