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Thread: Old time radio

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    Old time radio

    Please suggest the best old time radio sources for my Squeezebox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrGaryG View Post
    Please suggest the best old time radio sources for my Squeezebox.
    We talked about this a few months ago - https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...Old-Time-Radio

    Although it involves more work (download MP3 files, add them to your assorted libraries), a lot of radio drama is available at https://archive.org/search.php?query...ort=-addeddate That link is for BBC stuff, sorted by recent additions to the database. But you can easily alter that search to find stuff from all over the world.
    LMS 8.0.1 (1606118512)
    Control: Web GUI; sometimes OrangeSqueeze on Android phones / pads

    Machines / devices are in France, in two locations.
    a) Livebox 4
    Internal HDD (FLAC music; mp3 voice), Desktop
    3 x Touch - 2 wireless, 1 LAN. (7.8.0-r16754)
    3 x SB Radios [2 wireless, 1 LAN] (7.7.3-r16676)
    1 x Riva Arena (via Airplay LMS PlugIn)

    b) Freebox
    External SSD (all mp3), WiFi Laptop
    1 x Touch LAN (Firmware:7.8.0-r16754)
    2 x SB Radios, Wireless (7.7.3-r16676)

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    piCorePlayer v6.0.0 | piCore v10.3pCP | Squeezelite v1.9.6-1206-pCP

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    Thank you all!

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