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The "set" was just to show you how to see the environment variables and filter them to pick one.
You could then use it like this ...
tc@PiTouch:~$ ./test.sh $BOOTDEV
Booted from /dev/mmcblk0p1
tc@PiTouch:~$ cat test.sh
echo "Booted from $1"
However, that might not work from a cron job ... so copying the pCP way of doing it is wise.
I must admit, I didn't think of passing the variable as $1 (still have some way to go before I'm proficient at this I think), but yeah, I'm not sure whether the environment variables available in a 'tc' terminal shell would also be available to a cron job run by root. And since my script works as is, I'm going to pass on the opportunity to check!