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    I did not know about the community firmware project and will install it.

    Thank you for that info


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whenever View Post
    I would like to have the remote Powercycle work regularly so that it would mostly happen when it has not frozen. If it gets to the full frozen state then I would have to unplug.

    I am using the clock screensaver on all my devices.

    I have 6 devices, they have had idiosyncrasies for as long as I've had them. they work great for awhile, then a synch group starts to go on and off, or a radio wont connect, or it just stops. Rebooting always fixes the problem, sometimes I have to reboot the router, sometimes the LMS, sometimes the aerver running the LMS, aometimes one radio, sometimes several radios. My router is now set to reboot every 2 days, my server can be set to reboot every so often, I want to do the same with my radios. I would prefer not using a bunch of smart plugs ( already have an insteon home hub so it easily done). Not sure if this will fix the problem, but I don't see a big downside.

    the SSH solution would involve writing a script to log into the radio and power cycle it? Is there a command references for the SSH session on Squeezebox radio that includes a powercycle command?

    Thanks everyone for all the input.

    I don't know if this useful, (I am a bit late to the party,) but I have found that I have to reboot my SB Touch about once every two weeks, if I want to continue streaming anything above 44.1/16 bit content without dropouts. Actually I find that breaking the WiFi connection to my router is what is actually needed, so rebooting my Netgear router also does the trick. Rebooting the router however effects everything on my LAN; that seems a bit drastic ... I prefer to reboot the SBT!

    I can ssh into my SBT, but that takes a bit of manual labor as I have to specify diffie-hellman encryption, enter the password, and then type "reboot." Yuk. There is an easier way to do this. Install the putty package, (my server is running Linux, so this was easy,) then use this command:
    plink root@X.X.X.X -pw 1234 "reboot"
    where X.X.X.X is the target IP Addr and 1234 is the passwd to login into the device. This line can be put into a very short script, and added as a cron job.

    I don't think pCP makes the putty package available as an extension although it is available in Tiny Core Linux, so possibly it can be installed in pCP with a bit more work.
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    Hi Ron:

    Thank you, I've got LMS and all the Radios on the Community versions and used Plink to successfully reboot a radio remotely.

    This group is great



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