Every now and then, LMS pops a message in the lower left part of my screen where it says that a new version is available and that LMS needs to restart - and so I do, every time, and I have - for years.
Then, one day I stumbled across some place on the net that said LMS had been release in v8.0
Since I was running v7.9 I began to search how to upgrade my Docker Container, and finally I found the lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver container, and a fresh install was made with that. Happy Happy.

Then - as days has gone by, I have received a couple more update notifications (as mentioned above) and I have happily restarted my LMS, and the message was gone. So I have been under the impression that my LMS container was updated.
Then I read that since my jump to v8.0 a few additional versions has been released and LMS is now at v8.1 So I launch the setting page and check my Information Tab, expecting to see that I too had been liftet to 8.1 since I have updated every time I had a notification about it. But to my big surprise, it says the I am still at v8.0 ???

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When I search Docker HUB, it tells me that there is indeed a v8.1 available.

What am I doing wrong?