Hi Everyone

I know this device has got a mention in this thread, but I thought it might be worth a discussion on its own. I've owned and loved my Transporter since I bought it new in around 2008/9 - it's an original complete with the button and still doing sterling service without skipping a beat. However, brilliant as it was for its time, 13 or so years is a long time in DAC land, and the lack of support for codecs in my main hi-def listening device is beginning to become a gap.

I've still got a couple of Boom's going strong (and a spare one I cannibalize for bits) and 7 rpi's running PCP with various DAC HATs, but as a device, the Audiophonics EVO-SABRE looks pretty interesting. I wondered if anyone had seen and heard one? It's pretty well reviewed over at ASR.

I've pinged a note over to the guys at Audiophonics to see if they support PCP or some other squeezelite option, and what it takes to drive the track info on the second display. Now, we just have to work out how to get it to show a VU ;-)

pete S