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    Setting the spotty logs to "Debug" does not show anything related to time-outs. any other ideas where the server could be timing out that you could share?

    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > Any other suggestions I could try?

    Not sure, tbh. As you mentioned it did work before, I wonder what about
    your operating system might have changed. It sounds as if downloading
    the audio data did take a very long time. I'm running out of ideas.



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    Could this be due to IPv6?

    Had similar issues using Spotty this week. Ended up disabling IPv6 on my server - and that eliminated the problem. As this issue seems to appear suddenly on set-ups that previously worked OK, my theory would be that as ISPs now goes about enabling IPv6 for home broadband connections, all the connected devices “wakes up their IPv6” modes. I noticed this on both my iPad, my router and it had happened on my server. So if either the Spotty app or Spotify itself is made without robust IPv6 implementation - this could be the cause of the problem. I’m guessing that the devices are unable to reach Spotify over IPv6 and uses the ~30sec delay to attempt connection before falling back to IPv4 or a similar phenomenon.
    In the interest of keeping up to date with the internet, it would be nice for Spotty to become “IPv6 compatible” either by making use of it reliably or by choosing IPv4 from the app so that IPv6 can be implemented on the LMS server again. Not an urgent need though - as IPv4 seems to do the job for now...

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