I have received my DAC32 from PolyVectron today, but I have some problems. I followed the Quick-Start-Guide and it is part of my local net now. I can see it in my Fritz!box 7580 (firmware 7.25) and it is connected with 2,4 GHz, 65 / 72 Mbit/s. This WLAN connection is stable. I can find the DAC32 in my Logitech Media Server (8.20) too and LMS gives the following info:

Player-Modell: SqueezeESP32
Gerätetyp: squeezeesp32
Firmware: v0.0-
IP-Adresse des Players:
MAC-Adresse des Players: XX.XX.XX.XX.XX (replaced, it shows a correct MAC-address)
Stärke des drahtlosen Signals: 96%

Firmware on my device is 1.16 (that is the firmware it was delivered with. I didn't change anything). LMS shows a firmware revision v0.0- instead of 1.16.

What is my problem ? I am not able to access the WebUI ! When I enter the correct IP into one of my browsers, I always get an error message. This happens with Edge, Firefox and Brave. All browsers tell that the page can't be found and show an "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET".

Any idea ?

Best regards