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    Tutorial on Logitech Media Server using Docker container on Synology

    Dear people,

    After wanting to reinstall the LMS package 7.9beta package on my Synoloy nas (with intel processor) after some problems, I found out it's gone.
    The support from Synology stopped last summer and also the packages are 6 months laters also no longer community supported.

    The repository https://pinkdot.myds.me/sspks/ is gone.
    And people abandoned these https://sourceforge.net/projects/lms.../files/DSM6.x/ since they will be broken after DSM 7 and/or updating Pearl.

    The best way everybody keeps talking about is using a docker container on the Synology NAS with Intel processor.
    So I tried installing the docker image 8.0 stable, 8.1 stable, 8.0 from the registry, then make the container from the image. Tried different settings and still, noting on http://nasipadress:9000 and http://nasipadress:9002.
    It seems this is the container everybody recommends? https://hub.docker.com/r/lmscommunit...echmediaserver

    Is there anybody please so kind of helping me and people with this question in the future.
    What are the right steps to get this Logitech Media Server running on an Synology NAS using Docker? I seem to not get it to work somehow...

    Much appreciated and manny thanks in advance!

    *Apologies, I accidentally submitted in the wrong thread, admin please correct. Sorry
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