I just saw the following threads about upgrading LMS on Qnap NAS with SB Radios:


My Situation is following:

Qnap TS-253A with Intel Celeron N3150
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - 1470912157
In App Center I see "Logitech MediaServer 7.7.2, this is probably because I initially installed that version by uploading the File 1. LogitechMediaServer_7.7.2_x86.qpkg and then manually upgraded by copiing the file /logitechmediaserver-7.9.0-1470912157.tgz and changing routines.sh.

1 Boombox
2 Radios
2 Duet Receiver

Now I would like to upgrade to 8.0 or newer.

1. Do I have to install this patch installer for the radios first?
2. Do I have to uninstall the existing LMS 7.9 first or just go ahead like the manual in Thread "QLogitechMediaServer for Qnap with QTS 4.2 or higher"?

How can I see which Version of LMS is in QLogitechMediaServer? In Release-Notes I can not see that. Is it recommended to go to 8.1 already?

Thanks a lot to answer my questions before I just do a mess......you know, the wifes don't like that!

cheers Lukas